Hotel Stobex, Šabački put 85, 15300 Loznica

Telefon: +381(0)15/872-320


The Hotel “Stobex” is located at the slope foot of Gučevo, near river Drina (less than 3km) at above-sea altitude of 142m. It is located at the touch of alluvial levels of Drina, from one side, and from the hotel view looks at northwestern slopes of Gučevo.

The Hotel “Stobex” has good geographic and traffic position.
The main transportation line Beograd – Šabac – Loznica – Zvornik – Tuzla – Sarajevo
passes through Loznica, and Biljeljina – Loznica- Mali Zbornik – Bajina Bašta – Užice and further to
the Adriatic coast of Montenegro.
By road Loznica – Valjevo – Lajkovac it goes out to Ibarska motor road.

“Stobex” is in natural, economic and cultural centre of this part of Podrinje.

Natural position conditions mild climate, with a lot of the warmest days in a year
and little temperature fluctuation.

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Coordinates: 43° 32' 03" NGW, 19° 13' 27" EGL.

Distance from bigger towns in Serbia:
Loznica – Beograd 139km (Aerodrom "Nikola Tesla" 135 km)
Loznica – Novi Sad 136 km
Loznica – Valjevo 75km
Loznica – Šabac 53 km

We wish you enjoyable rest in the Hotel “Stobex”.